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About InQ-HD
InQ-HD is the wholesale distribution operated by inQbrands Inc. in the US, we currently serve hundreds of independent retailers, stores, professionals, and big box chains throughout the United States, Canada and other countries around the world.

Our partners have access to thousands of SKUs in auto parts we have specialized during the years. Our flexible distribution system, comprising self-pick-up, drop-shipping programs, or traditional door-to-door delivery allows your company to keep control of the supply chain in the most convenient way to minimize risks and maximize profits.

We maintain a vast network of global manufacturers and suppliers, offering tremendous opportunities to bring high-quality products from OEM manufacturers who produce for major brands.
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InQ-HD has a large team of skilled field representatives specially trained to help you identify opportunities in your local market and address supply chain challenges working side by side with you and your company, to ensure smooth and seamless transactions and to ensure you accomplish your goals.
Company Specializing In Commercial & Heavy-Duty Parts Supplying